Carpet Cleaning Supplies

  1. Sprayers and Bottles 
  2. Rakes and Brushes 
  3. Hoses and Hose Accessories 
  4. Foam Blocks and Plastic Tabs 
  5. Towels, Mops, Sponges & Bonnets 
  6. Containment 
  7. Gloves, Shoe Covers & PPE 

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At San Diego Truckmount Service and Supply, you’ll find the very best commercial floor and carpet cleaning supplies designed with the professional service provider in mind. These items include things like foam blocks for furniture, poly sheeting, poly bags, shoe covers, lay flat ducting, grout brushes, carpet rakes, personal protective equipment or PPE, gloves, suits, respirators, respirator cartridges, hoses, hose cuffs, towels, sponges, buckets, mops, trigger sprayers and more! 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Wearing shoe covers as an extra precaution to keep your customers floors as spotless as you can get them, the perfectly shaped grout brush that gets all the grime out of those little divots, a quick connect with a protective plastic housing that prevents burns and makes your life just a little easier. Having the right tools for the job is key, as any seasoned professional will tell you. San Diego Truckmount Service and Supply is always on the lookout for new and innovative carpet cleaner products that allow you to do the best work you can possibly do.

San Diego Truckmount Service and Supply has not forgotten about our restoration professionals. We stock poly sheeting in assorted variations, poly hangers, filters for air scrubbers and dehumidifiers, gloves, coveralls, abatement tape, containment supplies, soot sponges, zipper doors and the list goes on. 

Our selection of commercial carpet cleaning supplies allows you to service your customers while keeping expenses low and customer satisfaction high. We are always happy to source items for you that we do not currently stock. Just ask any San Diego Truckmount Service and Supply team member and we will do our best to obtain the floor and carpet cleaner products you need.